10 Reasons To Have A Professional Email For Business


We live in a time when 72% of consumers are conducting their business using emails. Long gone are the days when entrepreneurs used to be dependent on post and wait for days in order to get things done. Email has changed the pace at which business is conducted forever. It is efficient, effective and easy to use. 

When we remember the days of traditional letters and memos, the importance of time can be understood. The many days which were lost in communication can be utilized to their utmost potential. Given below is a list of reasons why having a professional email is vital for business:

1.A credible designation

In order to make a name, you have to install a level of trust and credibility for your business in your potential customer’s mind. Having an email can help in establishing that.

2.Easy access

The swiftness and ease with which one can read as well as curate emails is what has made it such an effective form of communication. Emails can be effectual catalysts in bringing new business for the company.  

3.A professional profile

Emails can be formatted to ensure that whenever you do send out anything, the logo of your company, designation or any information that you want displayed is always shown. This means that you can create your own templates and use this to build your brand.

4.Make it simple for others to find you

The web is a ginormous space. Your email id consists of your brand name which is easier for people to find you on the web as they already know your domain name. 

5.Every business needs to create a brand

Email marketing is very prominent and proving to be very helpful to businesses these days. This is because it strengthens and consolidates a company’s name in the various circles of potential clients. 

6.Not costly

Not only is it simple to use but it doesn’t take a toll on your pockets as well. Further, the set up takes no time and you’re good to go in no time at all. 

7.Offers flexibility that comes with a domain name

If you own a domain name, many accounts can be created in order to help you in segregating the various departments of your company and subsequently, making sure that each department is running smoothly.

8.Helps you stand out

People these days ask for your email id even before they ask for your number. If you have your own email, this will automatically help them to connect you with the company and hence, get traction. 

9.No tension of getting marked as ‘spam’

Eliminate the risk of getting blocked as potential spam as companies these days are blocking free email accounts to avoid getting unnecessary emails and to safeguard themselves from viruses. 

10.Pique their interest

Opening rates of emails which have the domain name are higher than the alternative. Customers automatically trust those because it shows that a certain amount of effort has been put into it.

It is a very rewarding tool, if used correctly with the right guidance. We are right here to help you through it all. Whether you come to us with doubts or a potential business opportunity, we will make sure to help you to the best of our abilities.



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