10 Strategies to use for getting New Clients


Businesses are all about people. A steady influx of customers, as well as a smooth working relationship with your old ones, is what keeps a business going. It is as they say, people keep people going. Even though it can be pretty gruelling at times, to keep everybody happy and invested in your work, it has to be done. Even if you’re in sales or just a freelancer, you need the know-how of how to draw people to your business. Having said all this, everything is possible if you have the right approach. Listed below are ten ways to expand your clientele and keep growing:

Use social media

We live in a time where everyone and everything is accessible through the help of social media. Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other relevant platforms and stay active. 

Stay relevant 

Keep updating your content and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. People respond much more positively to fresh content as they can relate to it.

Take help of testimonials

Having credible and believable testimonials is a very effective way to convince new clients to join your cause. Showing off in this case, can work in your favor. However, it needs to be done tastefully.

Networking is a must

Keep talking to new people using the numerous platforms in our age. Make optimum use of them and engage with prospective clients and try to make it face-to-face, zoom for now, to provide them with a personalized experience.

Don’t be daunted by resistance

It is human nature to be a little skeptical, always. So expect your prospective clients to be a little hesitant or even unconvinced at first. But do try to be patient and walk them through anything they don’t understand. 

Take help from existing clients

Have a good relationship with your existing as they can also be very helpful in getting new clients and give referrals.

Go back to former clients

Always remember, old id gold. Go back to some of the clients you might have lost along the way due to some reason or the other. 

Keep tabs on your competition

Their loss can turn out to be your gain. If your competition is using a technique that is not working for their clients, you can swoop in by suggesting a much more feasible alternative.

Don’t get lazy

Success is not an overnight thing and even after achieving, make sure to not take it for granted and get complacent. Keep working in order to maintain the quality of your business and keep the interest of old as well as new clients. 

Customers come first

Always make sure that your customers are tended to and make sure to take their feedback seriously. It can be extremely helpful in working out any kinks in your system.

Make sure to carefully follow all the points given above and successfully attract new customers, as well as maintain the old ones.



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