10 Good Reasons to Use a Quiz On Your Website


One of the many facts about human psychology is that when a person feels like they have earned something, it makes them appreciate it more. And this can be applied to quizzes. For websites, a quiz can prove to be a very valuable element if used correctly. Since social media is all the rage right now and everybody is using it to further their goals, it becomes all the more important to use it in your own unique way. Use it in a way that sends across the message you want spread in the most effective way possible.

A quiz, as a form of message-spreader, is very versatile. This is why it is vital that you create one keeping the intended purpose in mind. The first thing to think about before creating one is to plan the people you want on your mailing list which is basically, deciding the demographic you want to be catering to. Followingthat, think about what will click with these people and make them sit up and take notice. Listed below are some of the reasons why it’ll be a rewarding addition to your website –  

1.Healthy competitiveness

Quizzes are known to bring out the competitive side in people. If they do well, it gives them a sense of accomplishment which can work out in your favour.

2.Fun for the audience

They can be informative as well as fun for whoever visits your website. This can encourage them to not only visit it again themselves but also tell other people about it. 

3.Interactive content

Using images and other elements to make it more interactive increases its popularity and gives you more traffic.

4.Feeling productive

After successfully finishing a quiz with good results or even a perfect score, people feel positive. And in their mind, they connect this positivity with your website which makes them visit it again.

5.Generating leads

Depending upon the content of the quiz, people can learn a lot about your work through it. If created effectively, it could help you in convincing people to give you a chance.

6.Efforts attract audience

When you go through the pain of making a good and effective quiz, it shows effort and people notice effort. This effort helps in establishing your credibility to them.

7.Get to know your clients

You can get to know your clients firsthand, their preferences and likes, by the answers they give to the questions and work on your services/products accordingly.

8.Getting required information

Before attempting the quiz, the information they need to fill out can help you in procuring the information you need for marketing. 

9.Great way to relay information about brand

Carefully placed tidbits throughout can relay information you want delivered to the person taking the quiz. 

10.Solves multiple purposes

You can get to know them better, relay information and even give them incentives to come back for more and visit the website more often.

According to recent statistics, people share quizzes much more than posts or even articles on social media. It is therefore, one of the best techniques in the current times to generate traffic and increase your reach.



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